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Be Like ChristPastor Aaron Adame
Sermon Audio
Length: 42 minutes
Reference:Philippians 2:1-11
We follow the example of Christ because, like anyone we look up to, we want to be like him in every way. However, though this seems and is an impossible challenge, we have this hope and assurance that we are not on our own in this effort. After all, Paul would rightly admit later on in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."
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What Are You Living For?Pastor Aaron Adame
Length: 33 minutes
Reference:Philippians 1:21-30
In the amazing text that we find ourselves in this week, Paul readily admits in verse 21 that he has one desire with two possible ways of achieving it: to die and be with Jesus or to live and experience Jesus through gospel ministry.
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Seeing the Silver LiningPastor Aaron Adame
Length: 34 minutes
Reference:Philippians 1:12-20
No matter what situation Paul found himself in, he had a joy of the unchanging truth of God's salvation, which is found in Christ.
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Uganda Report 2017Uganda Team
Sermon Audio
Length: 56 minutes
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Philippians: Together for the GospelPastor Aaron Adame
Length: 41 minutes
Reference:Philippians 1:1-11
This week we are starting a brand-new series in Philippians called Together for the Gospel. Our goal through this series is simple: to know and apply the ancient-yet-timeless text of Scripture to our contemporary context, while allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth that sets us free.
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Change: Caught between time and eternityPastor Aaron Adame
Sermon Audio
Length: 53 minutes
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Our Town: Justice and Compassion in CanbyRay Keen
Sermon Audio
Length: 42 minutes
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An Invitation for TwoPastor Neal Thorne
Length: 47 minutes
Reference:Matthew 22:1-14
Jesus told great stories, and His stories always had a deeper meaning. We call these stories parables. In Matthew 22, Jesus shares one of these parables about a wedding feast and what went down when all it's RSVP'd guests decided to no-show. Not cool guys. There is a lot to be learned about God's people through this story, but most importantly that the invitation to the wedding feast, the big show, the Kingdom of God is an invitation for two, the good and the bad.
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The Rest of the StoryPastor Ken Harvey
Sermon Audio
Length: 45 minutes
The church has passed the baton of evangelism through many hands done through the centuries to us. Will future generations find that we ran our segment of the race faithfully? If we love the people of this world as God does, we will want to tell them of this liberating good news. This business will consume our passion to the day we die.
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Saying GoodbyePastor Ken Harvey
Sermon Audio
Length: 44 minutes
Reference:Acts 20:1-38
Paul’s relationship with these believers is a beautiful example of Christian fellowship. He had cared for them and loved them, even cried over their needs. They responded with love and care for him and sorrow over his leaving. They had prayed together and comforted one another. Like Paul, you can build strong relationships with other Christians by sharing, caring, sorrowing, rejoicing, and praying with them. You will gather others around you only by giving yourself away to them.
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