COVID-19 Updates

At the present time, we are in Phase 1 and are meeting in groups of 50. As things change, we will be updating this page regularly. Here's what you can expect to see at our in-person gatherings for our Sunday morning services:

  • Summer Services: Starting July 5, we will have only one worship service and will meet at 10am

  • Face Masks: Please bring a mask with you. If you forget your mask, we will have masks available at the door. According to the guidance we’ve received, we are not required to wear a mask while doing anything where it would be “unfeasible” to do so. This includes eating and drinking, singing, playing an instrument, physical labor, or public speaking. Because of the exemptions and exceptions to this guidance, we will not be “requiring” people to wear a mask or questioning why they aren’t as they enter the building and while inside. Kids 12 and under and those with a preexisting medical condition are not required to wear masks. 

  • Staying Home: If you are sick with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has, please stay home until you are feeling well. If you are someone with a compromised immune system or are of an age that is more at risk, we encourage you to stay home. Access to our online service can be found at this link (please click here)

  • Greeting time: Unfortunately, the thing we love the most is not really possible during this phase of reopening. According to our survey, 76% of people reported that they are more likely to stand at a distance when regathering. In light of the Physical Distancing measures, and this survey data, we ask that you please respect the space of others. 

  • Communion: We will be receiving communion once again as a body of believers; however, we will not be passing the trays, instead, an usher will serve every individual (thus no one is touching the tray) and the elements will be placed in double cups (bread on the bottom and juice on top). Or we will have a tray set up where you can grab it on your own. 

  • Offering: During this time apart, many of you have faithfully given to support the work we are doing as a church by taking advantage of online giving. For online giving link, please click here. We strongly support this as it helps us to stay consistent in our budgeting and meeting our financial needs and goals. We will not be taking an offering on Sunday morning by passing the bags. Instead, there will be drop boxes available in each room if you chose to give by cash or check.