Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of Canby Christian Church. Your generosity helps us continue our mission of leading people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe God calls each believer to give voluntarily, cheerfully and sacrificially, which is the right response to a God who has been gracious to us. If you attend Canby Christian Church and do not currently give financially as an act of worship, we would encourage you to take the time to read the passages below and begin prayerfully considering taking that step of growth in your journey of faith. 

(Acts 2:44-47; Acts 4:32-35; 2 Cor. 8:1-5,7; 9:2,6-7,12-14; Prov. 3:9-10; 1 Tim. 6:17-19)


Preferred methods of Online Giving:

If you decide that you would like to proceed with a one-time or reocurring gift online, we offer multiple options for doing so.  Below is a list of our preffered methods in order.

1.  ACH (e-check)

This methods ensures that the highest percentage of your tithe/gift goes the the church.  To give via ACH (e-check), be sure to click on the check icon at the top of the screen when proceeding. 

2.  Credit Card

We have provided the option for givers to give using a debit or credit card.  This option carries with it higher fees and the opportunity to accumulate Credit Card debt, which we discourage as much as possible.  However, for those who pay off their cards monthly and are financially responsible this option is available.