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A Note From Pastor Aaron Adame

Hello Canby Christian Church family,

I want to start by saying that we as a staff and leadership love all of you and miss seeing your faces, feeling your hugs, and hearing your voices in song and conversation. WE MISS YOU and are praying fervently for the time when we can gather again and resume some form of “normalcy” in our church gatherings.

My purpose for this post is simply to provide you information about the conversations that we are presently having regarding reopening.

At this point, our state and local governments have yet to move into a phase 1 stage. But as we do, the goal appears to be safety and health for all, which is something we as pastors and ministry leaders also want to see. However, the gnawing frustration has been the focus on the physical health of society, while ignoring the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of people. As pastors, these are difficult waters to wade through.

With this in mind, the unavoidable fact is that this entire situation has been traumatic for everyone on some level. So, going back to “normal” quickly is not something that is going to be easily done or prudent given the traumatic nature. Health officials are wanting to ease restrictions slowly in order to “control” the virus. This slow roll out will allow an easy retreat back should the virus spike again. However, for us, we desire a slow return to normal in order to reintroduce people back to having “social nearness” to people again. We want to be sensitive to the traumatic nature of what this virus, and society’s response to it, has done to the mental, emotional, and spiritual state of people.

I had a conversation with the staff this week, as well as the elders, and even our local representative, Christine Drazan, about steps for reopening. The bad news is that we're still waiting for more information from Gov. Brown and local authorities. We're also concerned with the lack of information and consideration of churches. The good news is, we are working toward a plan as a church that will at least give us some hope and direction moving forward.

The information will be given at each stage that we are in. Meaning we aren’t going to communicate a full-orbed plan that considers every step, seeing as though information may change as we go. Nevertheless, a step-at-a-time is the approach we are taking.

Until then, here’s what I am asking from you:

1. Be praying for wisdom and direction for us as church leaders and for governing officials.

2. Let us know how you are feeling about gathering again. This information will help us better minister to you as we make plans to reopen.

3. Be willing to not let fear overwhelm you.

4. Be smart about your own personal health risks and, if you want, let us know so we can minister to you the best way possible.

5. Be unifying members of our body who seek to love and encourage and strengthen everyone as we all navigate these confusing times.

Again, we love you all and look forward to gathering again soon. Things will likely be different at first. But at some point, we will look back on all of this and see what God did through it. How He sustained us. How He provided for our every need. And how we are different people as a result—hopefully, more like our Savior! Look for upcoming communication from us about steps for reopening.

God bless,

Pastor Aaron Adame

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