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A Song to Change Me

By Ashley Bentley

This post was previously published in the February 2019 issue of CCC's former newsletter.

As one might notice being around me for more than five minutes, I LOVE to sing. It truly is an everyday thing in our home to listen to and sing worship and praise songs. When I’m driving to and from school drop-offs and pick-ups, washing the dishes, working at our store, sitting with friends over coffee, or dancing down the hallway with the kids, I just have to sing. It has to pour out from the bottom of my feet, or I literally feel ill.

My heart yearns to seek Him in this way, and I am so blessed God calls me to sing! (Colossians 3:16 is just one example) When I do, I lean deeper into Him. Yet some days I just do not have enough in me to lift up my voice.

There are times when I’m joyful from the start, dancing to Jesus Loves Me with my kids in the grocery store (likely embarrassing one or all three of them), and then there are times I’m elbow deep in soapy dishwater at the sink, avoiding the song playing in the background—the song I know He’s using to reach my hear. Then pausing my thoughts, pausing my attitude, I cry out, “The waves and wind still know Your name, so LET GO my soul and TRUST in Him …” And as tears soak my frustrated or tired face, I let go. That moment of obedience through worship changes me deep down in that very second.

It Is Well has a lovely ability to knock me into obedience, even when I try to fight it. Adapted from a hymn, it was written to God through great despair and loss during the author’s life. The author’s response to tragedy is a fantastic reminder to us about keeping faith and staying obedient in all circumstances, no matter how big or small.

A song alone will not change the things around me, but God absolutely will use it to change my heart. He calls us to redirect our hearts back to Him. Worship isn’t about me! It’s about God.

A gift given is to be shared and shared so that others will know the love God has for them (Psalms 105:1-2), so I sing at church. When everything goes right that morning, when it isn’t easy to get out of bed before the sun that day, into a microphone, or into the ear of a neighbor next to me—I seek Him, He changes me, and I pray you allow Him to change you too.

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