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Chapter 10 of AWE: Why It Matters for Everything We Think, Say, & Do by Paul David Tripp

A Review by Pastor Aaron Adame


“The grass withers, the flower fades,

But the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8 (ESV)

If you have ever gone to the eye doctor, then you have experienced the big contraption they place over your face and cycle through the variations of the lenses to determine the right lens for you. This is a good picture of how a worldview works.

People see life differently. We are all aware of this fact. Our experiences, influences, and personal disposition create lenses by which we see the world. And like going to the eye doctor, we are constantly trying to gain clarity on life, and we cycle through these lenses without even realizing we’re doing it.

For those of you who watch the news, have you noticed how two news sources will cover the same story, but with completely different headlines and perspectives? Are both right? Are both wrong? Is one right and the other wrong? And if so, how can you tell?

The answer really boils down to the topic of worldview. We all have a certain set of lenses that we see the world, ourselves, and God.

I appreciated how Tripp pointed out in this chapter that in his experience, people who claim to be Christians often have two drawers, their real-life drawer and their spiritual-life drawer. And though the drawers occupy the same cabinet and sit side by side, they don’t cross over.

This, of course, is a false and dangerous segregation. In one sense, this chapter is the focus of the entire theme of the book—we have an awe problem because we have a worldview problem. We see things, people, ourselves, and life through the wrong lenses. And because of that, our clarity is cloudy at best or completely darkened.

The Christian life is a life that has a big vision of God. God is bigger than your biggest problem. He is more precious than the most precious reality in your life. He is more powerful than the power you crave or fear. He is smarter and wiser than anyone who has ever lived. His ways are greater. His words are truer. His promises are sweeter.

When the apostle Paul was converted on the road to Damascus, his worldview changed with a vision of the resurrected Christ. In a single instant, he went from being a hater of Christians to one himself. What once was so real and true suddenly became a complete lie and vain pursuit. This is how the Christian life works. When we comprehend the God who is, we can reckon everything else in light of Him.


Who in your life has shaped your worldview the most? How did they help or hurt your biblical worldview?

Who or what is presently influencing your worldview?

What practical steps do you need to take to be less shaped by the worldview shapers of this world and more by God?

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