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From Passion to Testimony

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

by Dean and Yvonne Boring:

This might seem strange, but this is what happened in 2001. Dean had wanted a dual sport motorcycle for some time. We had sold our “dirt bikes” in 1978 after moving to Redding, CA.

We were empty nesters and ready to begin a new era. Dean began to look for a bike and had tested out a couple but hadn’t found the “one”! He had seen an ad in the paper and asked if I wanted to go with him to check out this “bike.”  To my surprise it was a Harley Davidson.  

Dean told a friend at church about his purchase, and he invited us to the next meeting of the Freedom Riders Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, “CMA.” At the meeting, we learned about the various outreaches within this group. Dean had been asking God to use him, and he finally found what that use would be. We completed the CMA training and became “patched” members of CMA and began a life-changing journey. In 2003, I also became a Harley owner and joined Dean in riding.  

Through CMA, we have found many ways for God to “put us to work.”  In Redding, we not only ministered to Christian bikers but to secular bikers as well. God used our walk to impact this group. Dean was even invited to do a funeral service for a biker that was not a Christian and was allowed to share the gospel with this group of non-believers. 

Since moving to Oregon, we are still involved in CMA ministries, as I am the state lead for Run For the Son, the only CMA fundraiser, and Dean is vice president of our chapter. We also have gone on a mission trip to Belize to present local pastors with motorcycles.

Through this group, we also became involved with Prison Fellowship Ministries. We are still serving locally through this ministry. Dean and three others teach every Wednesday night at the Clackamas County Jail, and I, with two other ladies, teach a re-entry class at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, for women, in Wilsonville on Wednesday nights.  

As Aaron was saying in the message on August 11, you need to be ready to share your testimony at all times. Just a few days ago, I was having some copies done at the local SP & B Graphics, I had the opportunity to share how I became involved in teaching at Coffee Creek—this was just a part of the whole. We all need to have mini testimonies ready to share. You don’t need a long explanation—just quick and to the point. But we all need to practice! I’m hoping the current Sunday-sermon series on evangelism will help each one of us with this.  

Remember, ask God what you can do for Him. He does everything for us! 

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